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Two Exciting Oceanfront Condominium Projects

Huatulco, Mexico


The Chahue Beach Club And Condominiums


The Point


Both Huatulco developments will function as "Hotel Condominiums". A Hotel lobby will be part of both complexes and a rental service will be available to those who desire to rent their condominium when they are not using it. We anticipate rental fees of $125 to $350 per day depending on season. A monthly maintenance fee per condo is expected to run between $400 and $450 per month. This will cover all expenses such as, pool services, grounds keeping, maid service, electricity, water, telephone, Internet connection, and other expenses.


Chahue Beach Club and Condominiums:

The Chahue Beach Club and Condominiums in Huatulco, is a unique development located at the heart of the Huatulco Area Development plan. The complex consists of 100 one-bedroom condos. Each condo is fully furnished, has a spacious living room, dining room, kitchen and bath. The bedroom and living room open up to your own large balcony.  Condos are air-conditioned and parking is adjacent to the complex.

The Chahue Beach Club is complete. The Condominium complex, located just behind the Beach Club has a condo model open for your inspection.

The Beach Club will host a number of excellent restaurants, gardens and two swimming pools. A third pool is in the center of the condominium complex itself. A lifetime membership to Chahue Beach Club is included with each condo.



Chahue Beach



Site Plan Chahue Beach Club & Condominiums

Artist’s Rendering


Chahue Condo Floor Plan

900 Square Feet



"The Point"

At Huatulco


"The Point” is scheduled to be an exclusive and very private gated community, featuring four swimming pools, some which cascade from one level to another, beautiful tropical gardens, and a private beach.

The buildings will be three stories high with 2 condos on each floor. A total of 160 condo units will be built. Each condo will be fully furnished, and feature a large living room, kitchen, dining room, two baths, a TV room, and a very spacious bedroom. Your master bedroom will have a walk in closet, and it's own private bath. Granite counter tops, a dishwasher, and plenty of cabinet space will grace your new kitchen. Condos are air-conditioned and parking is adjacent to the complex.

Finally, your living room and bedroom will both open to a beautiful 9' by 32' balcony with the very best views in all of Huatulco!  Each condo at "The Point" will boast an incredible view! Choose from open ocean views, coastal views or views across the bay towards the village of Santa Cruz.


Aerial view of "The Point" location (center)




"The Point" property with Playa Entrega






View of the coastline from "The Point"






Floor Plan for “The Point” Condos

1200 Square Feet






Site Plan For “The Point” Condos





Condo Locations


“The Point” Upper Left

Chahue Beach Club & Condominimums Lower Right





Condo Pricing

$165,000 - $245,000


At the present time, the Chahue condos are pre-construction priced.

We will have a Chahue model for your inspection and construction will start soon.



“The Point” will not start construction until summer of 2006.

These condos have pre-construction pricing also.


To find out details on pricing send us an



Hurry to lock in the low pre-construction price, as prices will be going up soon.



Both the Chahue and “The Point” condos require 10% down to hold your selection, and

30% once construction starts on your condo and contract is signed. The balance is due on completion.


All down payments are held in escrow by Stewart Title in the US, and are not released to the builder until your condo is finished.  In Mexico your title, which is insured by Stewart Title in the US, goes into a Bank Trust, and you are the Beneficiary of the Trust. It is fully transferable, sellable or can be passed to survivors. This is very safe for foreign investors.


One important point is that the builder is an American who was a major developer in California for many years.  He has lived on Hauatuco for about 8 years.   When you visit to inspect the properties, you will be able to see the VERY HIGH quality of the construction, as compared to other properties in the area.   This is VERY important, since once the stucco is applied over shoddy construction, the purchaser does not know what is underneath.


You can be assured that your condo will be constructed to high standards both inside and out.   Everything will be first class, to insure your condo will be something you will be proud of, and will gain value as time goes on.

A Few Quick Facts


Huatulco is a national park in Mexico; there is no "city" of Huatulco. There are two small towns associated with the Bays of Huatulco resort area, Santa Cruz and Cruzacita. They are both very clean, good restaurants, and a lot of fun. It is nothing like Cancun or any other big tourist area. Huatulco is a series of 9 principle bays with 32 beaches. Half of them are only accessible by boat. You can drive to the others.


Huatulco is a magical place.  Imagine beaches with few or no people, clear water for swimming or snorkeling, good fishing, and you begin to see what it is like. Best season in Huatulco is from mid October to late February. It gets hot in May, and begins to rain in June. July is very nice, but you will have frequent afternoon tropical thunderstorms. September is the wettest month. The Huatulco International Airport is just 12 miles away.




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